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Home Security Tips for Summer Vacation

Posted by Dan Flaherty on 16 July 2015 | 0 Comments

Flaherty Insurance knows summer vacations are an American tradition.  Almost everyone leaves their home at least once during the summer months.  Whether it’s you and a friend heading off for an adventure, you and your honey spending a week somewhere beautiful, or the entire family embarking on a road trip.  One of the most important things to remember before leaving for your vacation is to make sure your home, condo or apartment, will be secure while you’re away.

There is a lot to consider in securing your home. According to Safeguard The World, a professional security company, the highest number of home burglaries happen in the summer, especially during the months of July and August. However, you also need to think about areas inside and around your home. Remember to consider temperature settings, plant and pet care, cancelling mail or other regular deliveries, water systems, lawn care, and garage security.

 ** Flaherty Insurance wants to make sure you return **
 **to find your home just how you left it!! **

  • Make sure home security is part of planning your summer vacation.  Do not leave it until the last moment, and think “it won’t happen to me.” Make sure you and your family can enjoy your vacation without worrying that something is wrong back at home.
  • Please make sure to lock all doors, windows, garages, and sliding glass doors. Use metal rods or poles to secure sliding windows and doors.

Alarm & Security Systems:

  1. Home alarms are a proven way to discourage burglars
    • make sure system actually connects to your local Police
    • make sure the control box is visible from all angles outside your home
  2. Programmable thermostats and lighting create the illusion you’re home
    • set lights to turn off & on during the day and night
    • set A/C to turn on and off like you do when you’re home
  3. Security camera systems record & provide valuable data
    • can send live video directly to your mobile devices
    • can help police identify, catch, and prosecute robbers

Friends, Neighbors, & Social Media:

  1. Friends
    • get a friend to house sit for you while you are away
    • get a friend to come by your home a few times while you’re gone to check it
  2. Neighbors
    • ask a neighbor to park their car in your spot a few times while you’re away
    • ask a neighbor to keep their eye on your property and give them your number
  3. Social Media
    • do not post where you are going, when you will leave, or how long you’ll be gone
    • only post photos etc. after you are home. Parents, you will need to watch for this.

Mail Delivery, Subscriptions, & Packages:

  1. US Postal Service daily deliveries
    • go to to use their Request Mail Hold service
    • in case of other deliveries, make sure there is a designated place for them
  2. Newspaper subscriptions
    • contact all subscriptions to place them on hold while you are away
    • make sure a neighbor knows what subscriptions you have
  3. Packages & other large deliveries
    • ask a neighbor to accept deliveries on your behalf while you are gone
    • leave note on the front door with instructions for delivery person

Lawn / Garden Care & Water / Plumbing Systems:

  1. Sprinklers, water, and garden hoses
    • program sprinklers, get someone to water for you, and keep lawn mowed
    • disconnect all unused garden hoses, and shut off water to outside taps
  2. Pools and other outdoor areas
    • cover and secure pool, set temperature to low
    • store all patio furniture, grill, and gardening equipment inside / in garage
  3. Household appliances that use water & electricity
    • shut off water to dishwasher and clothes washer
    • clean out fridge of all perishables and check temperature settings

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