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You never realize how important your insurance is until after a claim. When we had a major fire at our home 10 years ago the support and guidance from Flaherty Insurance helped us get through this traumatic event. Their insurance carrier was great as well. It’s comforting to know we can count on them when the chips are down.

Brian S., Norwell


Posted by Dan Flaherty on 13 November 2015 | 0 Comments

We all love a scenic leaf peeping fall drive. It's a beautiful time of year in New England, but the driving conditions change with the falling of leaves. Things like sun glare, fog and wet leaves all lead to an increase in car accidents. We've put together a list of fall driving safety tips to keep you, our community, safe all season.

Fall brings a noticeable change in the sun. It's more intense in the early morning and late afternoon. Keep those sunglasses in your car!

Keeping the inside of your car windows clean is a great way to keep glare down for those bright afternoon drives home when visibility can decrease.

Although beautiful, wet leaves can be more dangerous than black ice. Steer clear of them as a rule and use caution when having to stop in them.

As we move from fall to winter keeping up with safety is elemental. Go slower, and give other cars on the road more lead time.. Remember trucks take longer to slow down.

As the mornings get cooler, you'll see frost and humidity on the windows and the roads, all of which create dangerous driving conditions. Taking a few minutes to let the inside of the car defrost or clearing the outside of the car, goes a long way to ensure a safe commute. Such a simple step, but it can save you from an unwanted accident.

Fog is also an issue in the colder months. Drive slowly when going through fog and use your low beams or fog lights, if you have them.

When the pavement is wet cruise control is not advised. Unseen slippery areas, are just that, unseen, slamming on the breaks while in cruise control can cause you to spin.

4x4 vehicles are great in difficult driving conditions and inclement weather, but remember they don't brake any faster than other cars.

Keeping the tank full is advised in the chilly months. This minimizes condensation and provides the best course of action in the case of any trouble.

If you have any old blankets or winter coats around, throw them in the truck of the car in case you break down.

Remember, we are here for you! Give our friendly staff a call anytime to discuss how we have helped hundreds of people in your community stay safe.

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