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If Renters Insurance Were Free Would You Take It?


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Our Travel trailer was destroyed by the floods of Hurricane Irene. We were completely covered, while most of our neighbors were not. Flaherty Insurance really came through!

Paula K. ,

If Renters Insurance Were Free Would You Take It?

Posted by Dan Flaherty on 28 September 2015 | 0 Comments

There is a lot more to having a renter insurance policy than just protecting that lumpy old couch your folks gave you.

First off, you really should insure your stuff. Clothes, furniture, computers, bicycles, jewelry, golf clubs, TV’s. It all adds up!

Since most renters live in an urban environment, theft from auto is a huge problem.    If your laptop or golf clubs get stolen from your car you are not covered under your auto insurance.  Since contents coverage is worldwide, you would collect under your renters insurance.  Same holds true for lost luggage.

What if there is a fire, or pipe break in your building, and you have to vacate the premises for an extended period of time?  Do you really want to move back home, or sleep on your friend’s couch?  The loss of use provision in your renter’s policy will pay for your temporary living expenses at a hotel or apartment.

What if you get sued?  It does not take much these days.  Arrant golf ball, over fill the tub and ruin the unit  below, spill coffee on someone, lose your temper and say something slanderous, or even burn your place down with a candle.  No problem.  The renters policy will defend you and compensate the other party for their damages.

Now here is the kicker.  The average cost for a renters policy is $150 a year!  But if you place it with the same company that writes your auto insurance, the cross credit for having both policies with that company is about $150!  So, essentially it cost you nothing.  What are you waiting for?

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