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We have a very nice waterfront home down in Cape Cod. We had a terrible time finding the right insurance because of the value and proximately to the ocean. The people at Flaherty were able to provide us with a comprehensive policy without the price or restrictions others offered us.

Patti L., Truro

They've left the nest, but they still need your guidance

Posted by Dan Flaherty on 27 October 2014 | 2585 Comments

We recently received a call to the office from a local family. They thought they had set up their 24 year old son pretty well. He just graduated college, secured a good job, and had just moved into his first apartment. 

Unfortunately, one morning he rear-ended someone in traffic, which caused a chain reaction of collisions. However, the insurance he bought online did not offer adequate liability protection. The property damage and law suits he faced exceeded his liability limits.  He ended up having his wages garnished to pay the settlement.  Because of this he had to move back home to deal with the bills. 

We have since written him with one of our insurance carriers and put him on a plan that would protect him in this type and many other situations.

You have worked hard to prepare your children for a financially stable life. Why jeopardize it with inadequate insurance? Teach them the difference between being protected and having a cheap insurance bill. 

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