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What to do if stranded in a vehicle in winter


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What to do if stranded in a vehicle in winter

Posted by Dan Flaherty on 2 February 2016 | 0 Comments

It's never fun to break down or get stranded in your car - but in the
winter it can be dangerous. Here's a few tips to make sure you're safe.

Avoid Breaking Down in the First Place:

1. Be certain to do regular maintenance on the vehicle. Sure it’s cost
money, but breaking down will cost you much more.

2. Even if you're just running down the street always bring your CHARGED
cell phone.

3. Don't let the tank get down to empty. In cold weather the condensation
from an empty tank can cause freezing in the gas lines. Plus you never know
where the next gas station is.

4. Make sure your tires are in good shape and filled with air. Changes in
temperature will effect air pressure. You don’t want to wake up to a flat
tire on a cold morning.

In case you do breakdown:

5. Call for help. Let people know the situation you are in, and where you
are, as soon as possible

6. Put the hood of your car up so people passing by will know you are in

7. If you do break down stay with your car. It makes it much easier to find
you and provides shelter from the weather.

8. Keep a blanket or old winter coats in the trunk. It could save your

9. Make sure you already know where the spare tire and jack are located in
your car, and how to change a tire.

10. If you have the gas, run the engine. Not only will it keep you warm,
but it will also keep the hazard lights and cell phone charged.

11. Keep your feet up off the floor to conserve body heat.

12. Make sure the exhaust pipe is clear from snow to avoid carbon monoxide
poising. Especially if you need to spend the night in the vehicle.

Have a safe winter and if you haven't heard how amazing we are, call the
office to find out how we can save you up to 30% your home and car insurance.

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